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Similar to antichamber in terms of graphics,

Mechanics are interesting, some are things i've never seen in a non-euclidean game,

Game is kinda small though. I liked it! Just I feel like there should be an ending, or at least some sort of progression because this game is just exploring through some puzzles and that's kinda it.


I absolutely love this!


very neat experience!

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mind blown

I got 'a bit' stuck at the end, but this is a really interesting game.

This game is awesome!

hi! I loved your game! it was exactly the trippy type of game I was looking for. please more 🙏 I felt so slow playing it lmao. I also recorded my walkthrough of the game!

muy sensible

Really enjoyed the experience, i had seen some videos about non euclidean worlds but never played one, so funny and interesting. Thank you.


What a nice looking 4D game !

really good but the sensitivity is a little too high for me to get used to




Don’t ask how (cause I have no idea) but I beat the game in 30 minutes without tutorial…

Welp I’ll probably play this again sometime soon, very cool, underrated game.

Игра класс, но оптимизация хромает, надеюсь, сможете в будущем исправить это!

no r u s s i a n

He said that this game is really good, but it needs to be improved. He hopes that the dev team will fix bugs - going forword to optimization ++

amazing!! how did u archieved the outlines look?

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The game is well-made, but there is not much new here if you've seen explanation for how this type of non-euclidean game work behind the scene. That's nothing against the game, it's just not a magic trick that still wow me after having it explained.


Seemingly doesn't work for some reason :(
Looking at a black wall just after you spawn seemingly results in the wall turning into a bunch of broken shapes that change every frame. It was flashy and gave me a bit of a headache. Hopefully you will be able to fix it, the game seems really interesting and I'd love to play it!
Supplying a screenshot so that you can see what I'm talking about.


Does it work on 32-bit Windows?

the game is great but i accidentally found a door to the void and just... felll under the map, without respawning

Really fun, the visuals are so confusing and it triggers some of my emotions, as mentioned. Some stages are satisfying and somehow has hidden meanings on it but overall love the game design. Here's my gaming reaction video <3 . 

I didn't try it yet but it looks good.

very nice game


great game i fell out of the world 10/10

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The game is slow and then I get cold up and I don't let myself continue playing 😔

I need something for play this game?

"69 days ago"



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Ótima experiência, são muitos cenários diferentes, eles dão uma confusão na cabeça, alguns você acaba até tendo que usar um pouco mais do seu cérebro pra passar, contudo, é o primeiro jogo desse estilo que eu jogo, quero testar o outro que o próprio autor usou como inspiração para a criação deste.
É uma grande experiência, recomendo muito!

Vídeo programado para o dia 28/08.

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A lovely game that I doubt I will actually uninstall.

Returning the player to the main room at the end without a proper end room was a bit confusing; I thought I had done some thing wrong, but it seems like I finished it. Opening the hall that we ingress through to enter a last 'end' room would be nice.


Hii, I think I've completed the game and wanted to share my video about the game + some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is really good and well executed.

-The gameplay mechanics are really well implemented with the level design, but I've managed to see a few visual tricks on action.

-Visually the game looks amazing and totally fits the theme of the game.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


It's a good lil game, but the "elevator" sequence... made me want to throw up, so maybe a warning there would be good for people prone to motion sickness.


This feels like if there was a second Antichamber

I love it! :D


Good game but I am lagging the whole way through 

and the mouse sensitivty is crazy which dosen't help with the lag

dang me too

me too


really nice game, i like the way that even with simple graphics it could be so good to play, i had to use my brain a lot

Nice game !

my eyes feel funny

It is lagging!


very very very very good game bro




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