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3D Cyclic cellular automata experiment made using compute shaders in Unity. This is my 12th bio-inspired simulation. This version has less customization options than the 2D version, since it can get a little expensive to render depending on the initial settings. Unfortunately compute shaders in WebGL are yet not supported by any computer graphics APIs, maybe in the furute I'll redo this in WebGPU. 

Made as a part of an assignment from @Arsiliath course to write compute shaders in Unity. Check him and his course out here

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Tags3D, artgame, Atmospheric, Colorful, mind-bending, nature, Shaders, Visualization


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Check out "8 Seconds to Die" by me, it's 3D CA too.

Really clever game idea with this algorithm. And a fun one :)


Hey thanks! Glad you liked it. I always have and had problem with making CA into a game idea and never worked. This was a game jam and I was forced and kinda worked but I really like to make a proper CA game, I've done a lot of prototypes but they always miss something or derive from CA's core principals.

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this looking cool!! like a cloud map of the Earth or sth...(really surreal oneXD)
but sometimes when I press R it just changes color while maintaining a perfect sphere shape :O
or is it just how it works?

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Hi! Yes it is. Sometimes the values generated with random can form a stable state, so nothing really interesting happens. Unfortunately the 3d series I am going to publish can't be easily configured due to GPU overload, so I made them less customizable than the others. Right now the only thing I can say is keep pressing the R button until something cool happens!

as I know all AIs are not good with randomness(though I don't know a thing about programming lol)

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Let me blow your mind: All this simulations you see in my page including this one is the result of pure math, physics and coding. No AI whatsoever :). Nature is based on a simple set of math rules and equations.


Yes, I meant that. Just chose the wrong term :>
Math is magic
Math is poetry