Another implementation of my favorite algorithm. Things like this make me think that the complexity of the universe can be summed up in these rules:

  • Universe is truly random.
  • No matter how complex a system seems, it is always made up of simple rules applied over a long period of time.

Some nice patterns I found:

alphabetaradiuscountStart Mode
-23.408.4016.6713408Random or Circumference
45.69-0.5513.8626299Any of them
12.17-1.4126.7610018Circle or Square
-160.66-8.728.6427796Square or Circle
-147.69.8410.7518377Circumference or Line

Made using WGSL, so be sure you are using the newest version of Chrome or Edge for this. WebGPU should be supported by default in those browsers, but if not, try enabling it on chrome://flags/. Other browsers also support WebGPU but not by default.

If you want to learn how to do this type of stuff, check out arsilath, his courses are the best I've come across so far.



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Amazing, as always from Gustavo.

Thanks for your support, without you this wouldn't be possible!

This is just beautiful. Great job !


Thanks! :)